Droid Eris wont boot after EvilEris

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    Well... I think I did it... LOL... Just got the Thunderbolt, so I decided to screw with the Eris... Rooted fine, then did the install for EvilEris... it all went well and as planned, until after the installation. It just sits at the 3 Droids screen and every once in a while is vibrates once real quick... Is it GONE... Any help is appreciated...

    I got something called... When the sh$# hits the fan from xda and I am good to go... So I will try the hack again...

    Not sure what that really was but it worked... LOL

    Now my battery indicator is blue, I have live wallpapers, they preview, but wont load... HELL... this works way better than my ERIS ever did.... The only reason I got the thunderbolt is cause of the issues I was having.... Of course I will still take the thunderbolt, but WOW... Thanx whoever... And if anyone has any information on what they THINK I did to screw it up, let me know... or info on the rom i loaded... lol
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