Droid Eris keeps freezing

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by KinderwoodLabs2, Feb 5, 2010.

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    I don't even know if you can help me, but it seems like I might be one amongst many without an answer to this problem (and yes, I've searched and no one seems to have a solution)...

    My husband and I both got Erises last month. They both worked beautifully. We installed the OTA update when it was pushed, and they continued to work wonderfully. We were both very happy.

    However, about a week ago now I realized I had a burned out pixel on my phone's screen. Not a problem, it's under warranty and we're still in our 30 days. So, got a replacement. Replacement phone had 1.17 update preloaded. Not sure if this is the root of the problem, but from the moment I got the replacement phone, my phone froze/locked up when a call was ended. After even a master reset didn't correct the issue, I had the replacement phone replaced last Sunday thinking it was a simple individual device problem. My 2nd replacement phone continues to do the same.

    Now, I've been told that the update being preloaded should have no ill effect and shouldn't be causing any issues- and I (coming from a technological background) would normally tend to agree. However, all the signs point to this being at the root of the issue. Nonetheless, I was told when I swapped my phone the 2nd time that if it continued to freeze/lock up it's a software issue and they can't do anything about it. Yes, this was at a corporate VZW store and not just an authorized dealer.

    So, I guess what I was wondering is, what in your opinion, are my options to hopefully resolve this issue? It's grown to be extremely frustrating as I have now had to resort to pulling the battery after just about every phone call because it freezes/locks up.

    Btw, the husband's phone continues to function beautifully and he has his packed full of 3rd party apps. I've kept my app downloads to the bare minimum in light of these issues, so I don't have but a couple of sudoku games, facebook, and ebuddy im (for my yahoo im). If it helps, the reps at the store told me these are not on their list of apps that normally cause any issues- and my husband has the same apps on his phone as well.

    Any help/advise you could provide would be great because I really love the abilities this phone has and don't want to give up on it.

    Thank you!
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