Droid DNA Sense 5 Port Updated Plus Some New Mods!

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    Last week developer "NewToRoot" ported the HTC One's Sense 5 firmware to the HTC Droid DNA. When it first dropped there were a few little bugs that may have kept a few of you from installing it. Yesterday Newtoroot updated his port to v1.0.3 to include working MMS, working front facing camera, and pretty much everything is now working. It is also very smooth now.

    Also some MODs have been released by "Micromod777" that will add "Verizon Visual Voice Mail", "Volume Wake", "Battery Percent w/o GPS status", and "Ad blocker". Simply download one of the mods and flash it in recovery without wiping data. Sense 5 is definitely a daily driver now! Grab the Rom and mods in the source links below!

    Sense 5 Port v1.0.3

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