DROID CPU Frequency Values?

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    I recently rooted my Motorola DROID and installed SetCPU, which I am happy with. I am not interested in running any fancy ROMs or kernels if not necessary.

    SetCPU's autodetect feature detected 125000, 250000, 500000, 550000, 600000, 700000, and 800000 as speeds supported by my processor. Since I know that DROID has been safely overclocked past 800Mhz, I would like to take advantage of some higher speeds.

    I know about SetCPU's custom text file, but I'm not sure which values to put there. It seems that 900000, 1000000, 1100000, etc. would be logical, but I observed with another program called OverclockWidget (I think) that many frequencies that might be called for are very specific values instead of generous powers of ten.

    So my question(s): does anyone have a list of frequency values that would be supported by the Motorola DROID up to the 1.3Ghz marker? I would like to have access to as many "steps" as possible. Does DROID require any of those very specific frequency values? What happens if a nonexistent frequency value is used in the custom file (say, 517349)?
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