Droid continues to reboot itself (recommended repair facility?)

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR Support' started by Peteo, Apr 2, 2013.

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    Apr 2, 2013
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    My Razr has started shutting down and restarting on it's own continuously. I tried a soft reboot and safe mode and it worked for about three hours before doing starting it again. I went to Verizon and they replaced the sim card (no luck) and then did a hard reboot which again did not work. Longest it will start working is about 3 hours. I've since replaced it with the Maxx HD but would like to be able to either sell it or save it as a backup. Motorola want's $109 to just look at it.
    Does anyone know of any other recommended repair facilities or a possible fix to this issue?


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