Droid Charge Vs. Droid Incredible 2

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    Okay, so after months of fighting with Verizon, there finally ready to give me a new phone as a replacement for the HTC Thunderbolt, and these are my two options. I was hoping some of you who have had the one of these or both could help me out in deciding which to choose. I always here on the forums that the phone you want depends on what you use it for the most, so here are a list of things I need, and then some I want.

    most importantly, what phone has the best camera
    call quality
    text speed
    which has the least lag
    do either of these have netflix
    screen that works best in the sun

    also could anyone list some fun stuff about the phones that i might not know.

    Honestly best help might come from an ex thunderbolt owner who could just basically tell me all the stuff thats better than that haha.
    thanks guys

    Also, 4G doesnt matter to me, its not directly in my area, and probably wont be for a year, and I tend to get phones every year anyway.
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    Sorry, I am not an e ex-tb owner, although I spent over a month comparing the two. My experiences with the charge so far after a week:

    Camera is excellent but I don't know compared to tb. Even macro text pics are crystal clear.

    Call quality seems to be excellent. I can hear everyone crystal clear and no one has complained about hearing me or had asked me to repeat myself.

    Text speed-no problems

    speaker-i have not used it for music yet but use it all the time for phone calls and is better than my incredible.

    Gps-have used it quite a bit with no problems at all.

    Does not come with it's own flashlight so I just downloaded the zaphrox flashlight and works off the camera flash fine.

    I do not notice any lag unless I am running several applications at once but even then it is barely noticeable.

    Netflix not pre-loaded and not sure if it can be cuz haven't tried.

    Screen is the best I have ever had in the sun (omnia, og droid and incredible). Can see it almost as well as out of the sun. It actually amazes me.

    No 4g in my area yet either

    I have not had any dropped calls on it at all and usually my home area always had dropped calls b/c rural and weak signal. That absolutely surprises me and what I worried about most b/c some phones have always done worse than others at my house but this one is excellent.

    Average about 10-12 hours battery life with normal usage.

    No reboots at all.

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