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Discussion in 'Samsung Droid Charge' started by Zetsumei, May 19, 2011.

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    I must say that coming from the TB I am quite impressed w/ the quality of the Charge's build for the most part. The part I enjoy the most: NO dust/debris under the screen, I guess that has in partto do w/ the fact of the super amoleds. That and perhaps samsung actually assembles their phone in a dust-free enviroment. The phone is very light and firm in your hand, I love the mechnical buttons. The only downside so far is the fact that most of the phone is constructed of plastic, I had to return 1 charge that I had mailed to me since the side of it was dented and a pretty large one.

    Went into the store had no issues, pointed it out to the rep and she came out with a brand new charge, but i noticed a small chip or bulge either from poor construction but it's barely noticeable and can only be seen from an angle. Otherwise I'm pretty satisfied with Samsungs quality control. +10 points sammy gg pz.:icon_ banana:dancedroid Compared to my Tbolt which has had screens popping out, debris large pieces under the screen, blown earpieces the charge definately takes the cake.

    Not saying the Tbolt was a bad experience mind you, I was just very very unlucky with it. I went through 6 warranty exchanges before I said enough, got an awesome sup and he gave me the charge w/ a nice hefty discount. Sold a useable tbolt that i had left since I own one and #profit.