Droid Charge Lagging Badly

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    Part 1 - The original part 1 launched before I was finished and seems to have disappeared into cyberland.

    I purchased my Droid charge the day it was released. I do not know if their is a limit to the amount of apps which can be in the phone (as many as possible have been moved to the SD card) I have 150 Apps installed in the phone. It has ~50 MB of RAM and Googols of storage remaining. So, i do not see why the number of apps would cause the problem which is such a serious lag in the phone that it has become difficult to use. It can take a full 1-2 minutes to populate the Home Screens and open other apps. I do have Beautiful Widgets adding to the background.

    Please see my 2nd post to complete the symptoms, observations, and more info
    regarding the problem.
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