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    Droid Calibration Question (need to know if information is correct)

    how can i calibrate my Droid 1 battery?
    i used the search for the guide but sadly couldnt really find any guides i trust. cuz they didnt really match up with what i have seen before.

    i think theres things i gotta do before and after like have it on 100% before and then when i calibrate it i gotta let it run down to 0 i think and im not sure if i can touch it for that time...

    thanks in advance guys

    Edit:i did more searching and i found this

    1 If you're experiencing higher than normal battery drain, try the following: Charge the phone to full battery; let it keep charging until the battery says it is fully charged. Do not wait until the light is green, it isn't always fully charged, causing a lot of inaccuracies.
    (You can check by going to: Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> Battery Level = Full.)
    2 Boot to recovery mode and wipe battery stats in recovery
    3 Immediately reboot, and once you have access to the launcher, unplug the phone.
    4 Do not charge the phone until after draining the battery completely, resulting in it automatically shutting off.
    5 Recharge and use your phone as normal.

    is this correct? (found on Battery Calibration - Android Forums) which apparantly is from cyanogenmod, but i cant find where it says this anymore.

    is this the correct way to calibrate it?
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