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    My company just got the whole team new Droids (Thunderbolt). I had a Blackberry before that. It was synched to my Prius, and I had transferred all my Contacts, and had all the speed-dials set up. When I got this new phone, I deleted the old phone and connected this one successfully. However, now the car display says my contacts are empty (though the "manage contacts" screen says over 800 out of a 1000 contacts are "taken"), and asks if I want to transfer. I say yes, the phone beeps, it shows that Contacts are transferring .... and then it fails. Every time, with no reason given. The speed-dial button is greyed out, I can't even access it.

    I tried connecting and disconnecting the phone, and also starting the car again, to see if I could sort of reboot everything, but it didn't work. The phone is definitely connected, I can make calls handsfree, but I just can't transfer Contacts and set up speed-dialing, which is really, really important to me because I drive a lot for business.

    Can someone help me? In plain English? I'm not a techie, but I am good at following directions, and I had no problem at all with my Blackberry setting everything up.


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