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    I have a series of videos on my phone that I originally had on my computer. There is about 30 videos, but they for some reason, they don't have their file names. I plugged my phone into my computer and found the videos, and they do have a file name, but their name does not show up in my library. I decided to go to try to edit the name on the phone. I did this by going to my gallery, then my library, then I selected the file, hit the down arrow on the screen to pull up more options. One of these options is edit. I clicked on that and chose video info. This allowed me to give a name and caption to the videos, but not all.

    My problem is that some of these videos say there is no info to edit. I tried redownloading them, I tried to edit the details for the files using my computer by pulling up its properties then going to the details tab. But it seems that no matter what I do, I cannot give the files the info they need. Where is this lack of information at and how do I edit it? Thank you.