Droid 4 calls going directly to voice mail and ringtone setting - NOT WORKING

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    In Contacts, go into a contact, click Settings, Options... there's a setting called Incoming Calls - Send Calls Directly to Voicemail. EACH time I select it, a green check mark is displayed - but NEVER saved. I had "Call Control" app running which sends calls to a Black List - but I thought I wouldn't need it... IF the Contacts setting worked. BTW, I shut off the "Call Control" app (and verified it wasn't running in Task Manager) and the Contact setting still couldn't get saved.

    I only found 1 other user who previously reported the prob... Motorola Droid: Send Contact Incoming Call Straight to Voicemail... he reported, "This feature used to work on my Droid Bionic, but it is now broken. The box no longer stays checked after you leave that option screen and the calls ring through normally now. I opened a trouble ticket with verizon and all they can do is submit a bug report. I suggest you do the same."

    ALSO... jus' now noticed that on the same contact page, there's a Ringtone setting which does NOT save either. I tried multiple contacts with multiple ringtones and nothing gets saved.

    What can I do to get this fixed?


    One more thing... I DID get it to work but ONLY with numbers who have the same area code as me. That is, if the contact had the same area code, I could change both settings for the Ringtone and Incoming Calls Going Directly to Voice Mail. BUT I need to transfer solicitors to my voice mail... or put friends with other area code on ringtone. What setting can I do to fix this?


    also found that the same contacts (which i cannot give a ringtone or send to voicemail) can NOT be marked as favs either. btw, i determined its not area code related and its not from where contacts originated... as some backup asst contacts work and some dont.

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