Droid 3 reboots when power comsumption gets higher

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    Finally I spotted the problem.

    I have 2 Droid 3, first was repaired by Motorola in warranty (LCD) , but it is in USA, so I have to wait until somebody comes to my country (Uruguay)
    The second unit bought as new, have a problem with many random reboots. I cannot send it to Motorola, I will use it as replacement unit, a it is now.

    These reboots are clearly hardware based, and made a several actions and convert it to an stable and usable phone:

    - Hard resets and reformats : Reboots continued with no apps installed, nothing found on logs . Not software problem.

    - Change firmware (now in Stock 5.7.906 with and Maverick Rom 4.5 using Safestrap) : Reboots continued. No firmware related.

    Slowing CPU?
    Ok.. found that using SET CPU at 300/300 MHZ is rock solid. No reboots at all. many days on, But camera is compromised at so slow speed..
    If use 300/600 MHZ , is fine, but some few reboots happens. So I can use these settings when using camera.

    Where is the faulty component ? CPU, Memory bank, power , I/O controller ..... have to look... until.

    Until I had a reboot at 300/300 when I turned the flash light on some seconds, using it as a lantern.

    Ok.. found it... it is a power comsumption issue, and can replicate the error.

    I have 3 original batteries, tested with 3, same problem.
    Checked and cleaned contacts.. not there...

    What do I need now from you, forum's genius?

    I want to try 300/600 300/800 and 300/1000 with overvolts/undervolts values but don't know where is the place if exists to edit and try other values (specially undervolt to see if I can get higher freqs using less power ).

    In USA is easy.. send it to Motorola. From here, avoid customs and courier, cost more than a new unit :)
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