droid 3 issues (not even year old)

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 3' started by tyhayden95, Jun 19, 2012.

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    so i've had my droid 3 since september of 2011. i will admit to dropping it back in march but thats it and it has a little bit of a gap between the keyboard slider and screen. well, recently within the past 2 weeks its been shutting itself off or freezing. i've tried taking it to verizon but they said they'll either file a warranty claim in which i send my phone away and without it for 5 days then they send me a replacement for free or full price. once they send it they said that if they decide to charge full price there is nothing you can do and its automatically billed. option 2 is filing insurance and paying $100 for replacement. which i heard are just refurbished models of the same phone. so regardless im screwed and dont know what to do. i dont get why with so many people having the same problem they cant give me a replacement for free or give me an entirely new phone. i've been considering upgrading to droid 4 since its the same price as replacement. i guess what im asking here is has anyone else experienced this same problem with their droid 3 and if so what did they do? also for those who have droid 4s how are they? and is there a better alternative?
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    This is standard procedure by VZW. After 14 days, it is their policy to give you a refurbished phone of the same model.

    I had the random reboots on my original phone but that was within the 14 days. Best bet for you, is to save everything on there, make sure your contacts are sync'd and do a factory data reset. If you still get them after that, then I would suggest getting a replacement.
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