Droid 2G Usb issues...

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    Not too sure where to post things,

    Hi All,

    I'm having issues with the USB in my D2G.

    It's been rooted with Z4 root.
    It's the stock ROM.
    Android version 2.2
    Baseband N_01.48.05r
    Build VZW

    I have Titanium Backup Pro that I used to freeze the bloatware. Currently USB Debug is enabled.

    The charge mode & SD card modes of USB work fine when I plug it into my laptop. The Wyndows Synch & PC modes don't work. The PC says it can't load the MTP USB Driver. I went to motorolla & loaded the 4.8.0 version of the drivers.

    I've tried them with the USB debug off & on.

    The issue is that I can't access the SD card when plugged in SD mode, and if I try to start TiBackup it of course doesn't work. (GREAT program btw, highly recommend it.)

    Also, periferal question...does USB debug have to stay enabled as long as I'm rooted? TiBackup message says it doesn't need to be on later Android systems.

    Not really a major issue, but its a little annoying. Thanks for the help!

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