Droid 2 screen cut off displaying when opening/touch still works (after re-assembly)

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    My Droid 2 took a half an hour swim before I realised it was in my pocket.. Luckily because it just turned off as a result of the initial shock and I was smart about it, it survived that no problem.. I immediately removed the battery, followed a deconstruction guide to take it to pieces, and let it dry out for a week. What it didn't survive so well, was my taking it apart.

    When I put it back together, I may have been a little rough on the strip on the back of the screen while trying to clean fingerprints off it before re-attaching the power strip with the top of the casing, but not overly, wouldn't have thought I'd damaged it.

    After putting it all back together though, it worked great, worked better than new, the android market even started working again, as did Chrome 2 Phone, which was totally awesome, I joked that I'd cleaned it..

    However, within about 10 minute's use of it (8 hours since fixing it), opening the keyboard to type a text, and after one second of being lit up, it went black, and has remained off since..
    I've restarted the phone several times with different batteries, it starts up, the touch-screen aspect of the screen still functions as I can feel it vibrate when I swipe the unlock and do the security thing.. everything else is fine.. but the screen just wont light up.
    I took it apart and re-connected the cable, nothing's changed.

    I mean obviously the actual screen isn't broken, right, not having received any impact? But I'm not sure what to do here.. =/
    Does anyone know what I can do to get it working again?

    Also the mic doesn't work (the board is definitely plugged in on both ends), but I can see how easy that is to replace)

    Thanks for your time,

    [edit: Also worth noting is that now touching or pressing on just the outer metal casing on the front seems to make the phone vibrate just like sliding something on the display, but of-course I can't see what's being interacted with.]
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