droid 2 global home screen issue

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    like the topic says i have a d2 global (not rooted, i believe its running 2.2). for some reason while going through my contacts list my phone freaked out and suddenly now my home screen refuses to function properly. the phone itself is fine, however no matter what i do, whenever i try to access my home screen after about three seconds it refreshes the home screen and goes back to the middle one for no reason and effectively stops anything i might have been trying to do on the home screen. if i can somehow get something to run, like the browser, before the refresh causes me to start over, then it will work perfectly. however, if I press home it will do the refresh thing again except this time it will put whatever I'm running in the foreground. Simply put it's like the home screen is running away from me. I've tried turning it off and on, I've removed the battery for a few minutes and I have even tried a hard reset but I cant seem to get past the white triangle screen. (boot it while holding X then close the keyboard and while holding volume up press the camera button, did i go wrong somewhere?) anybody know whats going on, or more importantly, how to fix this?
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