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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by RandR10, Jun 21, 2013.

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    Hi Everybody,
    I searched the forums but could not find my exact issue, so here I am posting my own thread. I ran my battery down a couple days ago and switched out my spare as a result, but the phone wouldn't boot. It hung on the red eye screen and then went to a dark screen and got really hot. I pulled the battery and tried again several times, getting the same result. I figured I should try a hard reset, so I pulled my SD card and did one. When I did so, the phone booted into setup and I went to the point where Google downloads your contacts and such. During that process, the phone booted to the beginning of setup again, but when I entered my credentials, it said I already had that on my phone, so I skipped through. It then booted to the black home screen. I can only see the task bar at the top and nothing else. If a call comes through, I can answer it, but I can't dial out, as there's no buttons available. On one of the software updates, the double home screen tap was converted from voice commands to home screen selection, so I can't access voice command either. If I reboot, I get the original behavior, where it won't boot all the way at all, and gets really hot, requiring another hard reset.
    In a desperate attempt to get the phone working, I tried reflashing the sbf and still got the same result after going through that process. FYI, "VRZ_A956_4.5.608_1FF_01.sbf" was the sbf I flashed, and I wasn't able to get it to boot all the way, so I found BL=2 BOOT REC CDT.sbf on another forum because it was suggested that phones that don't respond with .608 have .629 already installed, which got me back to my original behavior. I haven't seen anyone have this issue that can't be fixed with a reflash. And no, I didn't root my phone. It was stock with only the updates that Verizon pushes through.
    For now I'm limping along with only being able to receive calls and messages, but I'm getting to the point where I need to either get a new phone or fix this one. Any ideas?

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    I think you require the .621 flash, as I 'believe' the .608 is an earlier version, which might be part of the entire issue.
    My wife's D2G is of the .621 variety, and has a build date of Tue Jan 17 16:11 CST 2012
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