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    I have had my Samsung Droid Charge since January. From the get-go it has had a rather short battery life. Coming off full charge, it would need to be plugged in again after about 28 hours without my using it very much. I just dealt with it, plugged it in every night, etc. But now, all of the sudden the battery life has decreased by at least 50%. Today, I unplugged the phone at 7am and it was at 100%. At 5PM, it gave me a low battery signal, which it gives at 15%. I barely used it during this time, only to check my voicemail once and check my e-mail a few times. This is normal use for me, but the quick battery discharge was not normal.

    There are a few changes my phone has undergone in the past couple weeks. For one, I have rooted my phone. I didn’t think this would decrease the battery life, since all it means is that I now have administrative rights on my phone. I have not installed any new ROMs or kernels. I have installed Titanium Backup and Lookout, neither of which show up in the battery usage stats. I have also installed and begun using Tweetdeck, though I have not used it at all today. Also, ironically I have installed the JuiceDefender app, which is supposed to increase your battery life by turning off data while the phone is idle. It does, however, turn data back on every so often to sync with Gmail, Facebook, Tweetdeck and the Play Store.

    I have also started using Barnacle wifi tether app to beam a wifi hotspot. This really drains the battery, and I have only used it a few times but have been using it a few hours at a time, since I don’t have wifi at my house. I usually keep the phone on the charger whenever I do this. Do you think that maybe using so much battery while the phone is on charge has caused the battery life span to decrease?

    When I check battery usage stats, nothing is different from before. Cell standby, idle, Android OS, and Display are the top users, as before, with Gmail and Tweetdeck being next with only 2%. I have not adjusted any phone settings, only installed the aforementioned apps.

    I can understand battery life may decrease over time, but such a drastic change in such a short amount of time is unprecedented in my experience, and is utterly unacceptable. Please help me figure this out!
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