DownloadAndroid Releases the New Version of Dog Whistle - v2.2

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    Dog Whistle
    Make Your Phone be a Smart Dog Trainer!

    Want to train your little puppies? Want to tease your neighbors' dogs? Or simply want to scare away the fierce ones? Dog Whistle is born to cater for such needs.
    Dogs can hear sounds of high frequency which are hardly perceived by human ears. By simply adjusting sound frequency you can make the dog react your way. Dog Whistle is like a silent helper in training your puppies without disturbing people, as well as generating shrill sounds to scare away those wild ones ready to bite you.

    What's new in Dog Whistle Lite v2.2:
    - More comprehensive sound patterns added, providing more order choices via different oscillations
    - Other minor improvement

    Dog Whistle makes a solid assistance with easy operating and reliable sounds generating. You can manually adjust the frequency with the "frequency" slider and click the "paw" to play sounds until you encounter the one your dog responses to, then this frequency will be auto-saved by the preset options provided.

    - Adjustable frequency generator (0Hz to 22000Hz)
    - Comprehensive sound patterns control (manual clicking sounds and continuous sounds with varied oscillation)
    - Volume control slider
    - Well-designed user interface and convenient usage
    - Detailed information for a better dog training

    For more information and the apk files about this product, please check it
    here. If you have any questions or advices, please feel free to contact us via support(at)
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