DownloadAndroid Announces New Version of Businessweek News V1.7 (Free)

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    [FONT=&quot][​IMG]Businessweek News (Free)[/FONT]
    Get the Latest Business Headlines to Your

    Get everything you love from Bloomberg Businessweek, including Top News, Most Popular, Investing, Small Business, Careers, Technology and more. Download Now for Free!
    Businessweek News is a simple, useful and informative RSS newsreader specially designed for Android smartphone users. It is designed to provide easy and quick access to latest business news from Bloomberg Businessweek (official site). Within this handy application, you can also save all your favorite business news to your Favorites or share them with your friends.
    Fixing and updating:

    - Known bugs fixed
    - Problem resolved for the abnormal widget transition on Android OS 2.1 or the above version
    - Algorithm for widget refresh updated
    Bloomberg Businessweek offers the worldwide news and analysis of all business fields, Finance, Technology, Architecture, Auto, Media, Innovation, Management, etc. With Businessweek News in hand, you will no longer lose any single piece of business news in the world! You will be able to know each business giant’s recent trend, to learn and benefit from other people’s business experience. It’s a business mentor and beneficial friend of all business-interested people.
    Product Feature:

    - Quick and easy access to the latest Bloomberg Businessweek news, including Top News, Most Popular, Investing, Small Business, Careers, Technology
    and more.
    - Simple operation and easy to use functions
    - Informative and beneficial articles, slideshow, videos and analysis on a variety of business headlines
    - Bookmark and restore useful information by adding to Favorites
    - Sharing latest business news with your friends
    Note: Businessweek News’ cache function is designed to improve browsing speed. Cached files will be saved on SD Card by default – under path ‘sdcard/businessweek’. If there is no SD Card on your device, it will be saved under path ‘/data/data/imoblife.businessweeknews/files’ (in this condition we suggest users to manually clear cache timely to release system storage space).

    Download the apk files free at:


    For more information about this product, please check it
    here. If you have any questions or advice, please feel free to contact us via support(at) Mobile users can visit: Businessweek News - Download Android .
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