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    ***Originally posted by Astrix at S3Forums.com

    SAMSUNG S3: Official Icons

    As shown in the Galaxy S3 screens , the icons are super awesome and with a great shadow effect which makes it feel like , the icons are floating over the screen with the water wallpaper.


    And in the mean time if anyone has the Icons then , please share it here .

    Download Full Icon Set: Samsung S3 Icons
    Source: sunnylovesalman

    SAMSUNG S3: Ringtones/Notification Tones


    In the preview we were able to recover some of the ringtones Galaxy S3 directly from the official ROM. Unfortunately we could not pick them all a matter of "time" but, as soon as possible again, we'll post the download not only ringtones, but also all of the alarms and notification sounds.

    The signals that we were able to collect are as follows 6:

    We entered all the ringtones that are formed . ogg , in a file . zip that can be extracted to your device Android . To then set as ringtone of a 6 extracted files, not just to do is select the ringtone and choose "Set as Ringtone".

    Here is the link to download the file: Ringtones Galaxy S3 Mirror: HERE
    Source: TuttoAndroid

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Stock Wallpapers: Dandelion [Untouched Original Wallpapers]



    Source:XDA Direct Download:HERE


    Samsung Galaxy S3 Live Wallpapers



    Download Links:
    Galaxy S-III Live-Wallpaper: HERE Mirror: HERE
    Source: HITSY@XDA

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Live Wallpapers: Deep Sea and Luminous Dots


    How to Install Deep Sea/Luminous Dots Live Wallpaper

    1- Make sure your device is on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
    2- Download the live wallpapers’ APK file(s) from → here.
    3- Copy the downloaded .apk file(s) to your device.
    4- You’ll need a file manager to browse through SD Card. If you don’t have one already, use this file manager (install for free from your current Google Play Store/Android Market app).
    5- Enable “Unknown sources” under Settings » Security on the phone, so that you can install applications from SD Card.
    6- Open the file manager app and go to directly where you transferred the APK file(s) in Step 3.
    7- Find and tap on the file to begin installation procedure and it will be installed in less than a minute. That’s it.
    8- Then, simply go into the wallpaper settings on your device and apply the live wallpaper.

    Both the wallpapers look quite nice and the customization options are an added bonus. So if you’re a fan of using live wallpapers on the phone, you should definitely give these two a try.

    Source: Segnaro@XDA

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