Don't have a droid yet but soon..

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    Jul 19, 2010
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    Well my girlfriend works for verizon wireless and hates on my phone left and right. It's time for something new and I'm really liking the droid and what it can do. I want to use the droid with sling box but I have a few questions that this forum hopefully will help me with. I want to use the sling box hd... does the sling box send hd signals to the phone or does it down convert it to 854x600 or whatever the res is on the droid phones? I only have 2mbs upload with rcn and I wanted to know what I can push to the phone. Also once I get the slingplayer can I play video out of the 720p hdmi on the droid x? I know on teh blockbuster app u can't but this would be pretty nice. I don't wanna hack the phone or mess with it to much. I want sling box for when I travel and when I go to the gym. Also I go to a lot of car shows and want to hook up my phone to the dvd screen in my car to play live video. Is this possible. I know the droid has the hdmi out but is there a way to get a decent composite connection?

    AH well lots of questions if ya guys can help me with any of them that would be great. Keep up the good work on the fourms guys...