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Discussion in 'Liquid' started by hookbill, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Liquid is entitited to a donation link. If you want to contribute to his ROM that is fine with DF and we encourage people to support their Dev's. This is across the board with all developers.

    If you want to discuss ways for Liquid's website to be funded, then please discuss that over there. Discussions about Liquid's ROM are limited to only about his ROM. No reasons for explaining what the donations will be used for are permitted. DF simply offers the link so you can help support yoour developer.

    Miami is currently developing a policy for all devs to follow so it is crystal clear what the donation links are about and how they can and cannot be used. For now since there seems to be a lot of issues in this thread, I am stating the policy. If anything changes this thread will be deleted and ammended to coincide with other vendors donation links.

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