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    Long time reader, first post! Thanks to all on the forum that have helped me learn new, exciting things for my droid!!!! I don't remember reading this anywhere but if it has already been mentioned..... I apologize!! When i installed the Dolphin Browser it gives you the opportunity to select android, desktop, or iphone (you can also acccess this through the settings). I, at first selected android, but then went back to desktop. This setting lets you see webpages just as you would on your computer, NOT THE MOBILE VERSIONS!! I hate the facebook app(and mobile version), you can see facebook just like on your computer. CHAT works too. You can see CNET, ESPN, etc in the same way you see it on your computer without having to scroll to bottom of page and select it. Once again I have been reading the forums since DEC and haven't run across this anywhere so I apologize if this is well known. I have been using this setting for a couple of months and decided to sign up and share. I hope it helps someone else who can't stand these mobile sites also!!!
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