Does Verizon participate in CTIA?

Discussion in 'Android Smart Phones Forum' started by Bxrider117, Mar 22, 2011.

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    This is an opinion based thread, so please forgive me if I offend and Verizon customers.

    Reading about all these new hot spec sounding phones that were released today, I have to ask, where is Verizon. I own a Droid X and I was envious of the Thunderbolt, but most of these other phones that are going to be released on VZW competitors put anything on Verizon to shame. I know that dual core is not optimized and 3-D photos, videos and games may be a gimick, but I would like to be tricked into purchasing one of those phones.

    The Evo 3-D puts the old Evo to shame and subsiquently the Thunderbolt as well being that was similar to the Evo. I know other competitors have been pushing Android phones, but when VZW started selling them in November 2009, they put Android on the map. Now for getting into bed with Apple, VZW is releasing average spec phones while others are passing us by. Even AT&T now has some good Android phones and are slated to get even more and offering them at better prices, Moto Attrix, LG Thrill and HTC phone as well.

    Verizon never put our phones 2nd, but now they are. I know LTE is their focus, but not everyone is those areas. If you think about it VZW has dropped 3 Apple products this year to 1 Android device. I just love Android and want to see more of the best network. Sorry for the rant, I was just bothered by reading about these other carriers and their phones.
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    They do but not like you think. I believe they see what is hot at ctia this year, then they release it next year as their hot new phone. To be honest with you I am just as frustrated that vzw is not providing their customers with nice devices. They are too worried about locking their phones down. They are taking the wrong approach. If you start putting out quality product then people will not care about rooting as much. If I have a phone that runs smooth and is supported then why would I care about running a rom.
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