Does metamorphing have adverse effects?

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    I have been rocking the only decent Liberty GB theme for a while now (juiced gingercomb) but I am the type of person who likes to constantly change the look of my phone. Since gingercomb was the only theme that was even remotely interesting to me, I figured I would mess around with customizing some pre-existing metamorphs to get a different look.

    I am running a couple droidpirate metamorphs now, and it does seem like my phone slowed down a tiny bit (but so little that I can't tell if I'm imagining it) and the battery started draining a little faster after doing that (I end the day now with 70% instead of 80%, which could just be Liberty GB vs Liberty 2.0.1). Is anyone running a lot of metamorphs on their phone, or does anyone know what would happen if instead of running three metamorphs, I ran more like ten to fifteen? Thanks.

    Oh, also, does anyone know what can't be customized on the stock LGB rom? I know on gingercomb GB for example (i never tried changing the stock LGB, sorry if that is the real problem Juicemane), you can't change the alarm clock icon (you could in 2.0.1, and the one I had was 1,000x better) and of course most lock screen changes won't work. Are there any others? I would want to customize pretty much everything in the notification bar (alarm, 3g, wireless, call signal, download icons, etc) since that is what I look at most often. I only ask because if someone knows, it will save me dozens of reboots as I make changes and test them out.
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