Does anyone know anything about this tablet?

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by Calla969, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Does anyone know how hard it would be to get 2.2 or Honeycomb running on this? I know it is uncommon, but it seems like a pretty nice device for the money. The specs look good. How would one go about acquiring root? Any thoughts? Considering this instead of a NookColor. I know it won't have the developer following due to it being less popular.

    DealExtreme: $188.70 10.2" Touch Screen LCD Google Android 2.1 Tablet PC w/ WiFi/300KP Camera (ARM11 800MHz)

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    You'll probably find more help with the tablets like this over at SlateDroid: - Index or Android Tablet Forum

    I was reading a little about these things the other night, and it seems that there are a few companies that produce these things together (1 will do the chipset, 1 will do the case, 1 the screen, etc) and then they are rebranded and redistributed. Quality seems real hit or miss, though at the price they are selling them at, that's probably to be expected. The chip in that one is considered one of the more popular ones for that application, though I'm pretty sure it's only 720 mhz, not 800. The specs on these things vary widely from site to site. Not sure if it is just bad translations or willfully misleading. Either way...there's lot of info over at those two sites. Pretty sure Froyo is possible, but I dunno yet about that. Good luck. :)