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    With the proper software you can still recover all kinds of data after plain old format operations. I believe the SpRecovery wipe options are just a format of /data and /cache. Phones don't last forever and eventually I'll want the next newer and better phone.
    I am interested in how to do a destructive overwriting wipe. I did one on my jailbroken iPhone 3G and then re-loaded the jailbreakable OS and baseband before I sold it.
    I'd like to be able to wipe the root partition on my Moto Droid, re-install the stock 2.0.1 sbf with a new blank Micro SD card. So I can sell a happy empty device...dancedroid

    A bash script that mounts the root drive rw and uses dd to write random information to the whole drive may be the ticket. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this...

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