Do you know android tv box? Entry-level XBMC tv box - $49.99 now.

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    What's TV BOX?

    TV BOX is a device which can Upgrade your dumb-TV to a smart TV, you can surf the web, play movies , music, do email and stream wifi by connecting it, and it also usef as a wonder device capable of a myriad of things such as TV, gaming, entertainment and development.

    Here is a great entry-level XBMC movie box for people wanting something that runs smooth and does all the other standard Android stuff as well. (Music, Internet, Streaming, Photos, Games, etc)
    Excellent buy if you've been on the fence or dragging your feet.

    Click here:

    For those that are familiar with these types of devices, this is essentially something like a GBox Midnight or a Minix X7 / X7-Mini for less than half the price.





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