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    So ChompSMS doesn't work? Handcent and Go would be the main two then? I dunno what other SMS app is good out there? I like the way Handcent looks more than the others. My only complaint, which was my complaints on the T-Bolt(I'm guessing it's an HTC thing) was that when in landscape/tiltscreen mode while typing, the "SEND" button is not visible. So you either have to put it back to Portait/Verticle to get the send button. Or configure the app to "Send when you press Enter".

    I've been testing Apex vs Nova launchers. Nova seems to have a slightly slicker feel, imo. But with both launchers I notice that randomly it will switch back to HTC sense. Like, all the sudden I am looking at my HTC sense homescreen and I have no idea how. I hit the "HOME" button at the bottom and it immediately goes back to Nova(since I have it configure to 'always' use). Any have any ideas why?

    Is there anything I can do to help with battery life? I have PowerToggle, but that's an active app. I wondering if there is a good one that can passively in the background help with battery?

    Any other must have apps? Free and non-rooted. =)
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