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    ok, so here's the deal. I just figured out that xbox 360 is a dlna compliant device and will pair with the X. So I opened up the DLNA app, checked allow xbox etc, did all I was supposed to do, and it connected perfectly with the xbox. I do understand that the video format is not supported yet, however pics and music are. So all of my music shows up, plays perfectly etc. Pictures however are not the same. What is weird is that only some of my pictures are showing up on the xbox, very few actually, and seemingly only the ones I took with a digital camera and transferred to my sdcard. I checked and all of my pics are in the same folder, (camera on sdcard), yet only a few are showing up. Are jpeg format. What am I missing? Anyone have an idea? This is bugging the hell out of me because the fact of being able to simply pair up my X and view pics on my hdtv wirelessly is awesome! please help, thanks
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