[DISCUSSION] '2nd system' bootstraps/safestraps

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by guidot, Nov 18, 2011.

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    I'm having some trouble understanding what safestrap is apparently.

    I'm of the understanding that the DX and D2 straps are different than the new D3 and Bionic Safestrap offering.

    This morning a member asked what the difference is between the D3Bootstrap and Safestrap. I explained what I knew, which is apparently not correct.

    As far as I understood, hashcodes safestrap, when toggling from non-safe to safe mode, creates new partitions/uses existing partitions to store the original /system and /data partitions.

    So, since I'm a Windows child, would be similar to upgrading from Windows 98 to XP and the 98 system being stored in /windows.old.

    I would appreciate some discussion on this. Is this a so called "2nd system"? It doesn't seem to be a dual boot as you would be used to on a computer, as he isn't telling the system to boot from the new system or the old system, its just the old system is in hibernation.