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    With how busy our lives have become, it can be difficult to take a moment and just breathe. Stress can be healthy, but too much of it can definitely lead to long-term effects on our health. Some people sign up for calming exercises such as yoga or tai chi while others burn off their stress by hitting the gym and spending a few hours with a punching bag. If you’re one of those people who just can’t find time to do any of those things, don’t be disheartened. As long as you have an Android phone, there’s a way to help you achieve peace of mind and release that stress.

    Developed by IMOBLIFE Co. Ltd, Brainwaves – T.U.S® is an all-in-one brainwave store. This app gives you access to the Unexplainable Store, one of the largest paranormal stores according to the app’s Google Play Store page. It focuses on brain frequencies research and publishes well-recognized products that range from spiritual and health aspects to brain functions and therapeutic recordings according to these categories:
    - Therapy Recordings
    - Health and Hygiene
    - Spiritual and Metaphysical
    - Money and Prosperity
    - Brain Function
    - Personal Development
    - Adult Subjects
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    Recommending Features:
    - The most comprehensive brainwaves store on Android Market
    Brainwaves - T.U.S® provides 80+ brainwave entrainment recordings, which cover a variety of Brainwave Categories including Therapy Recordings, Health & Hygiene, Spiritual & Metaphysical, Money & Prosperity, Brain Function, Personal Development, Adult Subjects, etc.

    - High-quality Brainwaves
    With 320 Bitrates sound effectsAs compared with other vendors which charge for shorter recordings of less quality, all brainwave recordings provided by The Unexplainable Store® are Isochronic Tones in 320 Bitrates to ensure the best user experience.

    - All-in-one technical solution for supporting multiple screens
    Brainwaves - T.U.S® provides an all-in-one technical solution for supporting multiple screens of different Android devices, including Android tablets and handsets.

    - Best practice of Google In-app Billing System
    Google In-app Billing technique is seamlessly integrated in the product design and development, which drives the revenue of Brainwaves - T.U.S® to No. 4 of Top Grossing Health/Fitness apps in less than 3 months.

    - Professional UI*design
    Brainwaves - T.U.S® enhances user experience by providing a variety of UI elements, including a classic brainwave player, well-designed brainwave logo and banner, layered-designed inner brainwave store, etc.
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