Disable camera long press?

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by bayjing, Aug 21, 2010.

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    I've searched all over google and all over droid forums without success...

    I love playing gunstar heros on my gba emulator on my moto droid..however, I set the camera button and volume up button as my shoulder buttons, and when I hold the camera button, it starts my camera..

    I tried using exsbar to set the camera long press to do nothing, but it did not work, so I was wondering if anyone else had any solutions OTHER THAN reconfiguring my buttons...having the shoulder buttons binded to the keyboard buttons just doesn't feel like a GBA! :p

    Thanks for your help!:D

    PS I am running a rooted moto droid with SS 4.7 and p3 kernal if that affects anything at all!
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