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    ok, this is a really cool app for Iphones and Androids, but I dont know when its coming out. Its free to register for it, and then they email you when the app is out! Its called dintu, a migraine trigger application. As it says on the page, "because keeping a diary is hard, it tracks for you". Dintu alerts you with short questions to track your symptoms, medication, and triggers. It also analyzes your habits and tailors its questions to your triggers. It helps you identify your type of headache, and predict when you might get your next one. Dintu will add info to its database for help on how to cure migraines for good too, so its all going to a good cause. I just registered today, and its such a good find, i had to share it. Heres a link to the page if you wanna check it out:
    I cant wait for this to be released :)