DINC: self boots, locks on eye/dots, error message: uid inconsistent, wipe data

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    This happened Sat. 10/13 and I'm seeing posts on this on the Verizon website support page (no solutions posted). My HTC DINC (ADR6300, running 2.3.4) self booted but locked on the red eye and dots. An error msg then appeared: UIDs on the phone are inconsistent, you need to wipe the data partition on your phone or your phone will become unstable. There is a white selection box below this that reads: I'm Feeling Lucky. Well, I did NOT click on that selection. I pulled the battery but when rebooting, the same thing happened. Any info on this would be helpful.

    UPDATE: VZW tech said this is a known problem with my older DINC and the only solution is a factory reset. I did that and the phone now is working. Fortunately I frequently backup my pics/documents/apps, store my pics on my SD card and I have Lookout Mobile Security to restore my contacts (have not sync'd recently with VZW Backup Assistant.) Just a pain to restore everything but at least I can! Sure I lost all my Angry Birds levels (3*'s in all levels) as I did not back those up.

    What I did not ask the rep was that since this was not a bug, could I just click on 'I'm Feeling Lucky' in the selection box of the error msg. I did ask if the FR was the only solution and he said yes. Wish I had tried the Lucky route as there would not have been any harm and MAYBE I could have avoided the FR.
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