Difficulty/Stuck while rooting/flashing velocity

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    Hey guys, my ally has been annoying me for a long time because of things like lag, internal memory, etc. So in my vain attempt to wait for a dual core 4g phone to come to verizon I'm resorting to messing with my phone to keep myself preoccupied. In this particular case I'm trying to root my phone and flash velocity. I'm completely new to this so please be patient with me :)

    My ally is currently running v2.2.2 and I successfully? rooted my phone using Gingerbreak. I have superuser access so I'm going to assume I did it correctly. Afterwards I used rom manager and flashed clockwork recovery as well as flashing the alternate recovery for what I believe is Amon-Ra recovery?

    From my extremely limited understanding I'm now supposed to boot into recovery mode, wipe Menu, Data, Cache, and Dalvik Cache, reboot, flash velocity 1.0 and reboot.

    Please let me know if this is indeed correct and if everything I've done so far is correct as well.

    The problem I'm running into, assuming everything else is correct, is that I can't seem to boot into recovery mode. Whether i tap boot into recovery from ROM manager or manually by holding call, menu, and end while booting it just shows an android figure underneath an exclamation point in a triangle and then boots normally.

    If anyone could help me I'd really appreciate it since I don't want to go to verizon tomorrow, pick up a t-bolt, and then find out the bionic or gs2 came out 3 hours later >.>


    * I've posted this in another droid forum as well however I've been lurking here for a really long time and I've found this forum to be extremely helpful so I've opted to post it here as well.
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