Differences between Droid 2 and X? FRU Replacement

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    I'm getting a replacement for a Droid 2 to the Droid X. Not really my choice if I want a non flawed phone. Which is what my last 12 Droid 2 FRUs have been. (hinge issues, camera, touch screen name it it's happened). I called VZW tonight to see if a tech rep or manager could authorize a New Droid 2 swap. I was fed up to the roof with these swaps. They finally offered a Droid X stating a new Droid 2 was out of the question and since the Droid 1 was no longer being made I had limited options. I'm mixed on this. The X is nice but I have a few questions. For that reason I posted here. I didn't know whether to post in Droid 2 or Droid X.

    I LOVE the physical keyboard on the Droid/Droid 2. I've had touch screen only phones before. My fear is the phone will have alot of mis types or be hard to use since it's not a real keyboard. So question. For Droid X users that have had or used the Droid 2.

    Is the keyboard on the X easy to use as a real keyboard on the Droid/2 is?

    Next is screen size and "phone" use. The Droid and Droid 2 had an issue when I'd use the phone the proximity sensor would go on and off turning the screen on and off. Is this an issue with the X since it's a bigger screen.

    Overall screen size use. I love the Droid 2 for the size cause I can do most if not all with one hand is the same true for the X?

    How is the camera on the X compared to the Droid or Droid 2?

    How is battery life on the X compared to the Droid / Droid 2?

    How is the audio playback via the speaker on the X vs the Droid 2, How loud can it get without being distorted?

    Advanced questions;

    Is there a way to root and bootstrap the app WITH a 2.2 SBF for restore?

    Can it be underclocked (for battery life) like the X?


    P.S. I use my phone 98% of the time for streaming internet radio. So audio quality and loudness is a BIG issue. If I can hear it as loud as the 1 and 2 Droid I'm happy. I've read the reviews now that say the X sucks with audio.
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    I went from the D1 to the X, so I'll chime in.

    The keyboard is a non issue for me, as a matter of fact I'd be lost on a physical keyboard now. It took a bit of getting used to at first, both the multi-touch keyboard and Swype are responsive and accurate which wasn't the case on my D1.

    No problems with the proximity sensor at all, at least on my phone.

    The screen on the X is stunning the first time you turn it on, I was blown away, you'll need a big hand to use it one handed. I found that my hand actually ached from trying just that after the first couple day days from stretching across the screen and up to the power button.

    The camera in my opinion is better than the D1, after all it's an 8MP camera. I don't take alot of pictures so I can't give you an accurate review on that sorry.

    Since the screen is so much larger battery life can be pretty bad. But if you take the initiative to control the brightness it's not bad. I bought the extended battery as a matter of fact I got it before the phone and highly recommend getting one. My battery life is pretty good I can get a full day with ease with heavy use and two days with moderate use.

    Sound with 2.1 was an issue, the ringtones were pretty tame and alot of them were difficult to hear, that changes with 2.2. I don't play music on my X, I have....hick iPods for that. Playing games the volume at the highest level doesn't distort the sound at all, again since I don't play music on the X I can't give you any reviews on that either.

    Rooting is a snap, plenty of one click apps to take care of that, with the full SBF dropping for the 2.3.320 "leak" this evening worrying about a brick is less of a problem.

    Droid X Bootstrapper is a requirement since the bootloader is locked, no other way to flash anything without it is possible at this time.

    There are over/underclock apps available that will save your battery, both free and paid apps for that.

    Hopefully I shed a bit of light on the subject, if you have anymore questions let me know.
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