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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Bionic' started by geoffwhite18, Mar 21, 2013.

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    I guess I'm just kinda thinking it loud here, but i was wondering what, if any, protection do we as consumers have against cell phone companies and manufacturers purposely making their products not work correctly just to get us into new devices?

    My question was brought on by the fact that i have a bionic, and i also have unlimited data from Verizon. All they would have to do to sell a new phone is create some random update that makes my phone (all bionics) useless, then sell me on a new device thereby quietly taking me off unlimited data, and getting rid of my pesky bionic.

    My og Droid was flawless until they started updating it, then for no reason it started doing random things and just not working right. Are we getting dooped into new phones? Just imagine. Samsung comes out with a new shiny one buys it because they are happy with their old one. So Samsung "updates" the software on all the old devices and all of a sudden everyone is interested in a new phone because theirs is acting up.

    Can we protect ourselves against this, or are we just along for the ride? It seems like that should be against the law if you ask me.
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    It's the nature of the beast. Companies are always going to come out with something better, if they didn't, another company would. So we just live with it..