Deodexing my Droid X

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    So I'm using this guide to try to deodex my Droid X:
    BiGnAdAd {How To} Manually Deodex Your Froyo Droid X to Allow Custom Themes - PPCGeeks

    But I seem to be stuck at the adb shell level of the guide
    I enter my SDK folder in cmd prompt and hit adb devices, a devices does show up
    I enter adb shell and press in su
    Now, if I enter in stop, my phone stops responding and I have to reboot it by doing a battery pull
    So I tried it without entering in stop but now I'm stuck at this part:
    cp /sdcard/done_app/* /system/app/
    It says "cp: /sdcard/done_app/*: No such file or directory

    But inside the root of my sdcard IS a folder called done_app and my phone is plugged in with debugging mode on and set as mass storage mode. So I have no clue what's going on.
    Any help?

    EDIT: Well, I tried using Charge only mode with debugging on, and it seemed to work.
    And then I deleted my .odex files
    But now when I reboot my phone up, I see the Motorola logo boot screen and nothing else happens, it doesn't even vibrate or do anything.
    I fear I have done something really bad to my phone now. :[
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