Dell Flash-Cheapest Froyo OS Based Android Phone

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    Dell has been releasing a streak (pun intended :- ) of successful gadgets these past 2 years, starting from new laptops with innovative design and features (the Adamo XPS with its inverted housing; the Dell Z with its hidden touch panel, ultra slim design and 16 inch screen), and this year things finally got to smart phones.

    They’ve been delaying the release of their 5 inch Streak for almost 2 years, and now that it’s finally on the market, people seem to be quite contrasted in their opinions about it – some say it’s the best thing ever, while others just see an oversized phone that is not quite yet a tablet, and are saying that it’s practically useless in real life.

    Well if you are waiting for cheapest Android 2.2 OS aka then Dell Flash would be your choice.Read More:

    :greendroid: Dell Flash-Cheapest Froyo OS Based Android Phone :greendroid:

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    I see the newer Snapdragons are coming out. HTC shoulda started with it in the EVO...if they could have.
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