Default my contact card issues (hangs) after gingerbread update

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    Hi. I had to do a format (erase) phone storage, (per VZW's tech suggestion) to get rid of that pesky "phantom" low memory warning, to allow the latest gingerbread update to successfully install. It worked! I then used MyBackup Pro, to restore the bookmarks and contacts. Worked great, but there's a glitch in the My contact card. I can fill out the new one, and edit it with no problem, until I enter my name. Then, it hangs. I deleted all the contacts, and even deleted the contacts storage data, before restoring my contacts. But, it apparently leaves two contact cards on the phone. It looks like the new one gets "tangled" with the old one, and just hangs. If I don't enter my name, I can add/edit all fields. I just put "Droid Incredible" as the name, and it's fine. Anyone else run into this? I also tried last name in the first name box, and vice versa, with the identical outcome. Thanx. KarlWS
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