Deer Hunting Calls

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    Become a Hunting Pro with Deer Hunting Calls.
    Deer Hunting Calls improves your skill to bring deers and more. Deer Hunting Calls s is the most comprehensive collection of deer calls and deer sounds available on the Android.
    Multiple Deer calls like Hurt Fawn, Doe Warning Cough and Fawn Bleat are included. These sounds get the attention of Deers and gives you enough chance to hunt them.
    Make sure to verify local hunting laws while going to hunting with this app.

    Going hunting? Get Deer Hunting Calls before you leave. This app can produce the sound to call Deers. Why buy multiple plastic calls if you can put all the stuff in your phone.

    Hunting Calls in Application
    1. Contact Call
    2. Doe Grunt
    3. Doe Bleat
    4. Doe Warning Cough
    5. Buck Grunt
    6. Buck Dominant Grunt
    7. Buck Bawl
    8. Buck Snort
    9. Buck Fighting
    10. Breeding Bellow
    11. Estrus Bleat
    12. Tending Grunts
    13. Ragen Grunts
    14. Sparring
    15. Fawn Distress 1
    16. Fawn Distress 2
    17. Hurt Fawn 1
    18. Hurt Fawn 2
    19. Hurt Fawn 3
    20. Fawn Bleat
    21. Bleat 1
    22. Bleat 2
    23. Bleat 3
    24. Bleat 4
    25. Bleat 5
    26. Wheeze

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