Deal Alert: Polk Audio Wireless Soundbar

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    Polk Audio Omni SB1 Wireless Multiroom Soundbar and Subwoofer (Black) - Was $700. Now $249. @ Rakuten
    Speaker Configuration
    RMS Output Power 350 W
    Subwoofer Type Active
    Wireless Speaker(s) Yes
    Product Type Sound Bar Speaker
    Part Number AM6914-A
    Manufacturer Polk Audio
    Product Model SB1
    Product Name Wireless Multi Room Soundbar and Subwoofer

    Package Contents
    Wireless Multi Room Soundbar and Subwoofer8' Analog Stereo Cable (3.5mm)6' Optical CableSubwoofer Power CableSound Bar Power Cables (6' Power Supply; 8' Power Cable)Remote Control (Battery Included)
    TVDVD PlayerSmartphoneTabletComputer
    Bluetooth No
    Color Black Ash
    Height 2.2"
    Width 43"
    Depth 3.6"
    Subwoofer Height 4.30"
    Subwoofer Width 13.70"
    Subwoofer Depth 11.61"
    Features LED Indicator
    Limited Warranty 3 Year
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    Wow, that's quite a discount. Polk makes nice equipment, so most would be pleased with this I'm confident.

    Right now, and until we are back in our own home after the rebuild, we have little need for a soundbar, since the TVs are Hospitality model Samsungs and are locked down which would prevent me from adding soundbars.

    Personally I have Sonos here in the hotel and their multi-room system is so much more than just a TV audio system. I have a pair of Play:5 speakers that are paired for stereo;

    a Play:3 that supplies audio to the bedroom;

    a ZP-80 connected to my Audio Video Receiver as an audio source;

    3 CR-100 Controllers (the ones with the iPod-like jog dial), one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen and one in the living room, and a CR-200 controller (similar to an android phone in style with a touch-screen);

    Along with the dedicated controllers I have the Sonos app installed on my tablet and two Android phones, the Turbo 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S7, as well as my wife's and my son's Turbo 2s. Also in the living room is a ZB100 ZoneBridge to give the older CR-100s their jump-start into the newer system (not needed once they've connected and updated but I keep it connected via Ethernet anyway because it creates a dedicated wireless network for the Sonos to keep the load off the router).

    I added a Chrome Audio connected to the system AVR for "casting" YouTube audio and other sources to it, as well as a Chromecast and a Roku 2 connected to the TV in the living room. I will be re-adding a NAS connected via Ethernet to the Bridge as a replacement for the one I had in my home before it burned down. For now, all the CDs I had ripped to FLAC and which were on that NAS are currently on the Google Drive cloud and can be accessed via Google Play Music on the Sonos, along with several other streaming services, including Pandora.

    Gotta love having complete control.
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