[Deal Alert] Mophie Juice Packs on Verizon are 10% Off

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    Verizon is having a decent sale on the Mophie Juice Packs for the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and other devices). Here's a quote from our friendly neighborhood @smalltowngirl13 with the details and links!

    "The Mophie Juice Packs on the Verizon website are 10% off (actually all of the their juice packs are discounted at some percent)…The Mophie site shows the S6 juice pack for $99.95 and on pre-order - Verizon has them in stock and is shipping them…

    Of course, this would be for those who think the battery life needs that extra boost [​IMG]…"

    VZW Link: Search Results for mophie juice pack=

    Mophie Link: Samsung Galaxy s6 juice pack Battery Case - Free Shipping mophie
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