[Deal Alert] Best Buy 4-Day Only Sale on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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    Even thought the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a phone from last year, it's still one of the best phablet-style devices on the planet, and we know that some of you might be out of contract right now considering grabbing it. Because of this, we wanted to share this "deal alert" over at Best Buy.

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is on sale for the next 4 days (the sale specifically ends on Saturday, March 29th). During these few days you can pick up the phone for a big discount on several carriers. The sale changes depending on which carrier you get it with. The Verizon version is discounted by $200, and is only $99 on contract. Both AT&T and Sprint versions are discounted by $100, which makes them $199 on contract.

    They have a few other deals going on during this time including tablets and other smartphones. For more info, head over to the Best Buy link here: Best Buy

    Here's our dedicated Samsung galaxy Note 4 section: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Discussions Android Forum at DroidForums.net
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    I just tried this and it says that even on VZW it is still $199.
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