Db ids vs list view

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    Hey all, I am new to Android dev but VERY experienced in DB/Web dev...I currently have my app talking to my web server to get a list of data based off a query...like searching for a song...I know how to send it and even how to parse it into an array...but here is where I am a little fuzzy...I am going to have a list of records with 2 fields...for the sake of argument lets call them ID and Name...i know...not too original...BUT...it is basically what I AM doing...the LiewView is going to show a list of names for the records and hide the ids...when a record is selected, I am going to show a menu of what you can do to this record...but this STILL isn't where my issue is...my issue is that once an action is selected, HOW DO I GET THE ID FOR THE RECORD...from everything I have read, the ListView doesn't have a place to store this extra data...unless I am just missing it all together...ALSO...the data is coming in as CSV format...i don't think that will matter...so can some one point me in the right direction???

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