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Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by StupidGenius, Feb 12, 2010.

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    Sorry to rehash this but apparently this will be demoed at Mobile World Congress this coming week (Feb 15-18). I'm not tech-savvy, so in all honesty I originally thought this was some kind of hack. But this article reads as if it could be legitimately implemented by any OEM if they chose to.

    So could we expect this to become a standard for Android and eventually reach our phone? Also, does the iPhone use a similar architecture or is it's OS completely proprietary? I ask because I wonder if this provides a major advantage to the Android OS.

    Dalvik Turbo To Increase App Execution Speed 3X While Saving Battery | Android Phone Fans

    DISCLAIMER: I originally posted this in the thread below but didn't get an answer. I assume anyone that read my questions didn't have knowledge of this subject. I waited to repost this until it moved to page 2 of the "General Discussions" section.:)

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    It doesn't sound like it. It sounds like the company wants the phone manufacturers to license the code for every device (which is how you make money on something like this).

    This would be nice to have on current phones, but it looks more like it is aimed at future phones and allowing OEMs to get 1.5GHz of performance out of a 500MHz processor.

    That having been said, once a phone has been released with a binary I expect cracked versions to show up on ROMs for phones with similar processors (if it really does what they claim). So, once a phone with an ARM Cortex-A8 gets this, there is likely to be a ROM available for the Motorola Droid.