date to FROYO failed , Critical Error B655 EDDC

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    Dear All

    I have a problem with my milestone and i tried to search all over the forums & internet to find a fix but couldn't. The Froyo was released in our area (EMEA) on the Motorola website but not OTA , i have downloaded the file but whenever i try to update , the progress goes to 16% then it gives an error updating the device , and i Have the following shown on the milestone (Critical Error , BC655 , EDDC) then it restarts and operates normally on the same old version.
    Could it be SD card problem? as i'm facing great problems having the device recognize the SD card. I have formatted the SD Card since i bought it and didn't take a backup , didn't know it might have important files on it and couldn't find the original contents on the web . I contacted the local service center and what they could only provide was the Motonav files and nothing more.and still the update is failing.I'm runnig Win 7 64 bit , tried to do it on a 32 bit win 7 machine and same error occurred again.
    is this related to the lack of the required original files on the SD? ( yes , anybody can tell me where can i get these? if not , what could be the problem? anybody faced this before? i am afraid to root it and try to install any update and end with a bricked phone because of this.

    Phone Details:

    FW Version: 2.1 update1
    Kernel Ver: 2.6.29-omap1
    Build No:SHOLS_U2_02.27.B

    Sorry for the lengthy post , but i have been searching for days with no outcome at all .

    Thank you
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